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What is NovoNail?

NovoNail is a world leader in treating toenail fungus, a medical problem that affects over 35 million people in the U.S. alone, yet has historically lacked an effective treatment. We’re dedicated to training NovoNail franchised providers in our methodologies that have been researched and perfected over the past 15+ years. We offer a unique protocol that has been proven effective across all levels of severity of fungal nail infections and doesn’t rely on one “silver-bullet” treatment or technology. We also train our providers on prevention and maintenance, keeping patients’ nails healthy long-term.

Why should you be interested in joining the NovoNail Community?


Protected Territory

NovoNail is committed to ensuring your competitive advantage by granting an exclusive territory to each Affiliate. You will be THE go-to provider in your area for fungal nail treatment.

Increased Income

Add income to your practice with cash-based treatments, retail options, the powerful NovoNail marketing platform, and minimal increase to your overhead costs

Treatment Efficacy

Become the only NovoNail expert in your area. Learn the groundbreaking approach and gain access to state of the art laser-based training using highly effective, multifactoral, evidence-based protocols

Supportive Community

Join a community of like-minded Podiatrists committed to effectively treating fungal conditions of the feet

Learn more about how our wholistic evidence-based approach is helping change the landscape of podiatry through a strong foundation of community, knowledge and protocols.

The NovoNail System

Membership in the Novonail Elite Provider Network (EPN) provides access to a community of like-minded podiatrists who are using and helping to further develop an array of highly successful techniques and products.

1 Prevent

Educate your community on effective preventative measures and NovoNail proprietary products

2 Treat

Use the latest evidence-based NovoNail treatment protocols to treat those in your community suffering from toenail fungus

3 Maintain

Once successfully treated, provide your patients with our proven education and maintenance plan to minimize recurring infections



“I've been a NovoNail provider since 2014. My staff and patients really appreciate the amazing results! I appreciate the office efficiency and upfront transparency. I am particularly pleased to be able to quote success rates to patients who are paying with their hard-earned cash."

Maryellen Waltz, DPM

“I purchased a laser in 2011 but wasn't getting the results I wanted. Then I joined NovoNail. It's been very helpful to be able to pick up the phone and get support when we need it. We've even done live video online chat procedures from time to time."
"Oh, and the NovoNail polish is the best!"

Stephen Levin, DPM


One key to our success is our products. Whether your patients need a topical antifungal solution to help with their athlete's foot or a clear base coat to help keep their nails clean and clear after a pedicure, you can trust that every product NovoNail offers is heavily researched, safe, and of the absolute highest quality. Many products were actually invented by NovoNail based on the previously unmet needs of our own patients. All products are available at wholesale pricing for NovoNail providers.


NovoNail believes that the Podiatrist should be the “go to” medical provider for onychomycosis. Podiatrists are uniquely qualified to both diagnose and treat this condition using both non-surgical and surgical protocols. We are dedicated to the advancement, understanding, and treatment of onychomycosis using multifactorial approaches based on our groundbreaking, continually advancing research.

Currently headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, NovoNail founder Dr. Christopher Stewart has spent the majority of his 20 years in practice developing all-encompassing protocols to treat all stages of toenail fungus. Dr. Stewart and the NovoNail Team strive to educate medical providers and patients alike on these new and innovative methods to both prevent and treat toenail fungus.

NovoNail techniques include state-of-the-art laser based treatment plans that go deep beneath the surface of the nail, attacking the fungus where it lives and breeds. We also address any additional factors that may have caused the fungal infection in the first place and can put the nail at risk for future reinfection. NovoNail trained professionals strive to provide:

  • Experienced Care and consultation
  • A treatment plan custom-made to fit your individual needs
  • Cosmetic restoration of your nail(s)
  • Removal of unsightly and often uncomfortable fungus
  • Education to prevent future risk and reinfection

NovoNail Providers strive to address each patient’s nail concerns with an individualized, multi-faceted approach that educates each patient on home care and reducing risks of reinfection. Our team of physicians and medical assistants are selected for their caring and understanding. Each member of the NovoNail team is highly trained, certified and focused on the treatment of onychomycosis and the impact it has on daily life.

​NovoNail Headquarters and Affiliates are continually developing state of the art treatment protocols and diagnostic tools. Our on-going research of over 17,000 toenails allows us to apply the best proven results in our treatment protocols. Our platform of success is composed of a combination of existing techniques and the creation of new, proprietary approaches.  We enjoy working in the knowledge that we can now deliver beautiful, natural looking nails to a wide-range of patients that may have been previously unsuccessful in their treatment.